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Featured in AlltopToday, I got my site listed in the SEO Directory for the site AllTop, which is basically an online “magazine rack” of popular topics in various different industries.

This is a high-quality directory to be in, and is a good testament to how finding the right directories can really help you link building efforts.

Why It’s Awesome

This was a long process for me. It took nearly 2 months for my website to be listed, but I believe that it was well worth the wait for a couple reasons:

  1. The website seems to be well-respected overall (PR6).
  2. The page I’m listed on is a PR4, which is excellent for a sub-page.
  3. I’m am now listed side-by-side with some of the industries most respected SEO bloggers (creating the illusion that I am a respected one too! pretty cool stuff even if it is laughable).
  4. My last 5 articles are also being linked to from this PR4 page, giving them instant credibility.

There are several hundred different directories within this site for all various types of businesses. They are all highly respected, meaning the backlinks you get from them are highly-valuable one-way links.

So What is the Overall Lesson?

Everybody knows that link building is very important. Problem is not many people know how to go about it. Submitting your website to a relevant-quality directory is one avenue you can go down.

What is a Relevant-Quality Directory?

This means a directory that is A.) Relevant to what you do, and B.) Quality in the eyes of the search engines (I.E. not link farms or spam directories). Don’t waste time on directories that don’t pass the eye-ball test, only look for trusted directories and industry verticals.

How Do I Find Such a Directory?

You can find these types of directories in many ways:

  • In search queries for keywords relating to your biz, etc.
  • By research where your competition is listed.
  • If you’re local, try to local directories & yellowpages.

Now don’t get me wrong, directory submissions aren’t the end-all-be-all of link building. It is true that directory submission was once a hot trend in SEO, and it is also true that the trend has fallen by the waist-side to better tactics. However, if you find “quality/respected” directories that are related to what you do, then why not try to pick up a link?

Can’t hurt!

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  • SEO Shawn

    I totally agree with you on “directory submissions aren’t the end-all-be-all of link building”, it has to be in addition to other efforts, such as social networking, article submission etc., Anyhow,i personally spend more time on link building than any other..

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  • Nick Stamoulis

    I think the most important word in the blog post title is “quality”. Directories like and yahoo directory are great places for links if you have the budget also.

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  • James

    Well you are right as quality directories link will improve the PR as well as SEPR of a website and submitting in quality directories is good SEO technique for a new website.

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  • Eric

    Directory submission is one of the very first things I do for a client, once the site has been optimized. It’s a re-introduction, indicating that there are bigger and better things to come from this site.

    You’re right, it doesnt end there, but it’s def. part of my foundational strategies when doing an initial SEO implementation.

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  • free website traffic tips

    Though directory submissions are a long term SEO strategy the three main inherent advantages of it is increase in traffic, increase in ranking and indexing for the web site without spending any penny. A high quality link directory helps unique websites to obtain high quality back links with good traffic thus enabling them to rank higher in search engine result pages. Hence, it is the skill of SEO individual to seek for quality directories. You have presented the ways for finding quality directories. Thanks.

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  • Mathew

    what about the free submission? are they really works after approved.? as they say it will take 3-4 weeks to approved. I am really confused on that.

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  • 3d freelancer india

    I visit your website frequently and its very good , I am not a expert webmaster but i like your blog as its very simple and understandable.. please keep it up , 10/10 marks…

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